Our Story

Twenty-five years ago, when a mutual friend stopped to introduce Marijke Zwikker and Crashy Zacher in Manhattan’s diamond district, Zwikker & Zacher was born.

Behind the Name

Working together for a 47th Street estate jeweler, they quickly realized the demand for trustworthy female jewelers, who innately understand fine jewelry. At the time, men selling jewelry to other men dominated the business. Using their jewelry-loving energy, Marijke and Crashy established Z & Z by combining tasteful Fifth Avenue quality with affordable 47th Street prices.

Their respect for customers’ individual styles, along with their ability to understand gift-giving from both sides, enabled Z & Z to become a thriving jewelry business. As a business based solely on word of mouth, with low overhead, they became well known for quality, value and caring personal attention to detail. From fabulous diamond engagement rings, to unique charm bracelets, to multi-colored sapphire rings and “pet rock” necklaces, to exquisite custom designed enameled and hand engraved cufflinks, Z&Z’s jewelry has become legendary.

Marijke was born in the Netherlands into a “diamond family”; her father was a diamond dealer/jewelry manufacturer and her mother was a diamond cutter.

In 1979 she received degrees in gemology both in Germany and in England. After completing a jewelry management course in Switzerland, she gained experience working for a stone dealer in a diamond-grading lab and as a jewelry appraiser in an auction house. She then traveled to New York to work for an estate jeweler as his in-house appraiser and gemologist and soon thereafter crossed paths with Crashy.

After graduating from Dartmouth College in 1982 with a degree in art history and a life long passion for jewelry, Crashy went straight to the Gemological Institute of America in New York City to begin her career. With a working knowledge of diamonds, colored stones, and pearls, she worked for a stone dealer, jewelry manufacturer, and two diamond dealers before going to work with Marijke.

“She absolutely LOVES the ring, all the credit goes to you. It is so beautiful and it fits too! We are so so happy! Yesterday was the most wonderful day, thanks for making it so special!”
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Our Philosophy

Our Z & Z philosophy is based on jewelry’s enduring appeal. The enjoyment of wearing and sharing the beauty of lustrous pearls, sparkling diamonds, richly colored gemstones and exquisitely crafted precious metals is transcendent. A gift of jewelry is a way of celebrating life, its milestones and magical moments. With everything from the classic fine jewelry line for both women and men to custom designed pieces, we seek to help our customers find their ideal jewelry.

Our ultimate goal is to create fine jewelry that brings joy on a daily basis and will last for generations.

Zwikker & Zacher Ltd.

Crashy Zacher Brown, Marijke Zwikker Stern, Caitlin Clark & Mimi Cushing