Birth to Young Adult

Push Present or New Baby Gifts
A baby shoe charm set with a pink sapphire, blue sapphire or birthstone and hand engraved with the baby’s initials and birth date,
a pink or blue sapphire guard ring.

Birth Gifts for the Baby
A charm bracelet with an appropriately engraved first charm or seed pearl necklace.

Charm bracelet with engraved disc, seed pearls.

First Birthday
Birthday cake charm that opens with one candle inside.

Ears Pierced
Comfortable & compact studs, set with a small stone or pearl.

First Holy Communion
Graduated pearl strand and matching studs.

Bar/Bat mitzvah
Pearl jewelry, pierced earrings, scattered diamond chain or pendant, or engraved cufflinks.

Small diamond or gold cross pendant, prayer book charm, disc with a cross cut out.

Golden Birthday
Engraved gold charm to be added to a bracelet or worn on a chain.

Lucky 13th Birthday
Good luck charms–a four-leaf clover, horseshoe, #13, maloik.

Promise Ring
An engraved band ring, sometimes bezel set with a stone.

“Sweet” 16
Pearl studs with a diamond accent, diamond hoop or huggie style earrings,

diamonds by the yard style necklace, an engraved driver’s license charm.

Engraved bangle bracelet or charm, diamond circle pendant.

21st Birthday
Necklace set with 20 smaller diamonds and a detachable single diamond, an enameled exotic drink charm, collectible diamond bangle bracelet(s).

Boys to Men
Signet/crest ring, cufflink & stud set, engraved cufflinks, belt buckle or money clip.