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It is vital for appraisals to be accurate, up to date, (review every five years), and in accordance with your personal insurance policy. Please call with any questions.

Jeweler making earring

Custom Designs

Over 75% of our business is custom designs. We can advise on any kind of personal project. Maybe you lost one earring and need to recreate its mate… If a family heirloom cannot be divided between two daughters, we can duplicate it. From simple repairs and alterations, like cleaning and re-stringing your pearls, to more significant projects, like finding a new diamond, we can help!

diamond education


We educate our customers. Whether you’re shopping for cultured pearls or investing in a diamond, we have three gemologists in house to explain everything in simple terms.

Re-Sale and Re-Design

Every decade or so it is smart to reevaluate what you own and what you wear.  Broken pieces can be valuable and restored or sold for scrap to pay for updating antiquated styles. A brooch can be transformed into a fabulous pendant or ring. Stones can be re-cut to fit less dressy everyday wearable jewelry designs.

yellow stone gold necklace

Jewelry Cleaning

We recommend professionally cleaning and checking your jewelry every year. If you ever suspect a stone to be loose in a piece of jewelry, stop wearing it and show a jeweler as soon as possible.

At home cleaning for sturdy jewelry:

  1. Soak 20-40 minutes in hot water with non-abrasive dishwashing liquid
  2. With a soft toothbrush gently remove surface grime
  3. Rinse well under warm running water